So this past Sunday I was at the Women’s March in Oslo which focused on MeToo, and it was a really wonderful experience. Just being round all this energy where everyone is advocating for the same issues as you is a really nice thing, I’d highly recommend it.  The speakers were so good, really heartfelt and strong, and I looooved all the signs. There were just all these different messages around, all going in the same general direction, but each fronting a specific matter, a specific story. I think people are so brave, to stand up in front of everyone like that.

I went with my cousin and her friends, and it was a lovely little group. People think feminists are so angry, but I think they’re all just so nice and friendly and clever. That’s my experience anyway. We just want people to behave, we just want equality. We want men and women to feel free and comfortable in their own genders, chosen or otherwise. What’s not to like?

One of the speakers said that if boys don’t know the difference between flirting and harassing then they really shouldn’t flirt, and I thought that was an idea I could really stand behind, haha. Sometimes when I think about all the stories which have come out of MeToo I just find it so ridiculous that these things should even happen, that common sense doesn’t prevent them. But people aren’t being rational and thoughtful when they act, and so unfortunately we do need to just keep harping on about the basic level of human decency, no matter how old some people think it is getting.

It’s not getting old for me.

Hope everyone out there found a march to go to, or else felt the hope and determination which ran though the world in some other way.

Lots of love and keep fighting the good fight everyone.



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