“Economics underwrite love – any human who cannot support herself is vulnerable to others, and if we romanticise that vulnerability, if we continue to idealise it, we’re permitting the infantilisation of women and maybe even creating victims.” – Sara Pascoe


Mind. Blown.

Reading this book made me so happy. It was as though Sara Pascoe had cracked open my mind and made all my thoughts sound coherent and intelligent. It really is wonderful that someone is saying the things that Sara Pascoe says, because they are so important.

It is also a very tender book, which comforts and validates you, providing hope for self acceptance and understanding.

Animal deals with eating disorders, self-harm and self-hatred in a very thoughtful and respectful way.

It is a book which delivers feminism with humour, warmth and anger, and I for one thought it was a very powerful read. Pascoe does not hold back her opinions, or her ideas for how we might make this a better world to live in. She weaves knowledge through and through her words, in an intelligible and intriguing way. I learned so much about the female body and mind. Moreover, I absolutely loved what Pascoe said about body image and the way in which women both see themselves and are seen by society at large.

What stands out most clearly for me after having finished reading this, is the very honest vulnerability with which Pascoe puts forth her story. She really opens up about her personal experiences, using them to highlight her thoughts on many of the, unfortunately, very common female struggles.

As important as this book is, as as much as it deals with often very heavy subjects, it is also incredibly funny. Like laugh out loud funny. It very cleaverly undermines sexist thought processes and ideologies, and it invites you to join in on seeing the funny side of very serious matters.

I’d really reccomend giving this one a read, I think you’ll very much enjoy it!