Hello everybody, how is it all going? How are you? What’s up? Most of the people reading here now are coming through from my Egalia Books site, so I thought I’d do a bit of a recap on what’s been going on with that.

The thought of starting my own publishing company popped into my head on a Thursday afternoon a few weeks ago. I wouldn’t say it came out of nowhere, because I’ve wanted to start my own publishing company since I was about eighteen years old, and have been working steadily towards that goal throughout uni and my years in publishing in London. It was always the dream. But  on this particular Thursday, it came to me in a more tangible way, I thought, I want to do it now. This is it, this is the time. I’m gonna go for it.

And that same day, I decided which book I wanted to start out with and I set up a timeline of sorts for how I wanted to move forwards. Over the next week I worked my way through writing a business plan, which highlighted a lot of aspects which I needed to work through, and which painted a clearer picture of what I wanted to achieve, now, over the next few months, and the next few years.

I have this vision in my mind, for what I want Egalia Books to develop into. It’s a very specific idea, maybe a little unrealistic but what is a vision without an element of dreaming? I want this house to materialise, with a bookshop on the first floor, which doubles as a café and boutique. The books will be the loveliest collection of voices, some addressing our issues of gender, race, religion and politics, other shelves dedicated to the classics, and then brave new stories examining our moderns lives and what to make of it all.

On the second floor I will have our publishing offices. I’m imagining large, glass windows letting in lots of light, plants and paintings decorating the space, a little kitchen, a big wooden meeting table. And I’m imagining our work, which is all about featuring strong feminist voices, men and women questioning the ideas about gender that we all live with, and wondering how we might improve.

The third floor is just where I live, and I won’t take you through all the details of my ideal home, haha.

So anyway, I had this idea, this vision, and I knew how I wanted to start out, which book I wanted to introduce Norway to first. And so I started working towards getting the rights to this book, working through marketing plans, budgets, timelines, administrational issues, and in the end decided to set up Egalia Books as an imprint within Histos, my parents company which has already published three books. It was a tricky decision, because a big part of me wanted to do it completely on my own, because that’s just the way I’m wired, but I’ve learned to accept help and support and so I decided to move forwards with their experience and expertise as a good, solid foundation.

I then set up email accounts and created the website, which was pretty difficult, but in the end I’m very pleased with the result, and I started setting up social media. So far I’m very happy and humbled by the response, I’ve had so many people reaching out to me and telling me they’re supporting what I’m doing, and I appreciate it so darn much, it’s means the world to me to know that others want this to go as well as I want it to.

Finally, I reached out to the author’s agent, and I’ve now done my first ever book deal! I’m so pleased with getting the rights and being able to move forwards with all the work I had planned out, translating, getting the cover designed, starting the marketing campaign, sorting out distribution. It may sound a little dull and dreary, but for me it’s a dream come true working with this.

So now it’s full steam ahead, and I’m incredibly excited to be moving forwards!

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