Boom. Second week done, and it went by just as fast as our first week! We’re doing so much in our time here. We’ve seen the Publishing Association, two of the three biggest publishing houses and a book shop which is so old it’s an institution. We had a whole day of economics, where we covered such a big chunk of material, and we’ve had marketing classes with two different people working with it within the book industry.

And that’s not even counting Friday, where unfortunately I was ill and missed book shop management and an industry visit to one of the really great bookshops. Bummer.

I’m finding a lot of inspiration and instruction in all of this for my own publishing imprint, which I’m itching to move forward with. It’s difficult to do much work on it right now though, I’m so exhausted by the time I get home that I just want to relax and unwind. The only thing I’m really keeping up with is Instagram, where I’m trying to find my voice in Stories. It’s something I’m quite uncomfortable with really, putting myself out there so much, but I just know the effect it has on me, when a company has a person behind it that you can follow, you just want to get behind them so much more than if they were just talking about their products. So I’m doin’ it, awkward as I am, haha. I’m not yet set on which kind of pictures I’ll be using, so for now I’ve just gone for an autumnal vibe with the pictures below.

Anyway, back to the course, I think my favourite day was Thursday, when we went to Gyldendal’s offices. They were soooo nice, they really made an impression on me, it was gorgeous. I also enjoyed the presentations, where we heard a lot about working with foreign rights, which is what I did in London, and it was really interesting to hear about it from the Norwegian perspective. One of the guys working there had got his job after starting his own publishing company and working with that for a few years, so I was motivated by his story.

Lastly, I’m still so happy that our class is such a great group of people. Everyone is being so friendly, and they’re all getting together and making the atmosphere so positive, so I’m really grateful to have landed here with them. I’m still excited for the course, and still looking forward to the next day (although I don’t mind a bit of weekend first ha!), so I’m still giving it a big thumbs up!

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