I’m so in love with autumn.

I think it’s the most wonderful, beautiful, colourful time of the year. I absolutely adore it. It’s just so bloody cosy. Lighting the fireplace and loads of candles, snuggling up with blankets, drinking endless cups of hot drinks, baking cinnamon buns, reading good books, going for walks in the crisp, cold air, feeling the chilly breeze on your face, wrapped up in coats and scarves. Wonderful.

Yesterday my parents and I went for a wander in the gardens and the woods, and we picked raspberries and lingonberries and watched the river flowing by and the leaves changing colour almost before our eyes. Then we went home and made raspberry jam and I almost couldn’t bear the fact that we’re saving it for Christmas and I couldn’t eat it all right there.

I can’t wait for the pumpkins to get to the shops, I’ve pinned loads of pumpkin flavoured baking recipes on Pinterest and I’m so excited to carve them out. I think Halloween is my favourite holiday, there’s just something so magical about it. The dark, mysterious nights, the warewolves and witches roaming the forest, scaring me half to death, the black cats and the flying bats, owls hooting in the night. I  think it’s such a glittering time.

Next weekend there’s an autumn festival in my town, for almond potatoes, and I think it’ll be so nice and lovely and atmospheric. I love it when the town puts on stuff like this,it’s such a great way to make people feel like they’re part of a community. After the festival I’m cathing a train down to Oslo and starting my course, which also feels very autumnal, a fresh start, back to school. I haven’t been studying since I finished my Bachelors three years ago, so I’m quite excited to get back into it, and I’m so excited to learn everything about publishing and book-selling, and getting one step closer to fulfilling my dream.

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