‘When life looks like it’s falling apart, it may just be falling in place.’
– Beverly Solomon

So, I recently went to London, and I stopped by a Waterstones and also Oliver Bonas. I picked up some wonderful new books and a few other little knick knacks, and I’m very pleased with my purchases. Living in Norway, I can’t really find the books that I want to read in the bookshops here. I’m an international reader and there isn’t much of a market for my books where I live, which is a shame, but it only makes my trips to the UK even more worthwhile (also Amazon orders are my saviours).


 More than anything, i just love the atmosphere at Waterstones. It’s as though the shop itself is just one big, old material declaration of love to literature. I love spending a good hour just browsing, picking up books you wouldn’t normally reach out for, seeing what’s new, what’s selling, looking at the recommendations from the book sellers. And chatting to the book sellers is also so nice, I can’t believe how much they read! I’m sure sometimes they’ve really only read the blurb of what they’re advertising, but still. They’re so knowledgeable.


I got so much stuff that I decided to also get a tote bag, and how cute is it? I’ve just read Bridget Jones, and I love Pride and Prejudice, so I don’t mind walking around with this at all!


This is what I got, books, a mug and a super cute flower pot with seeds for wild strawberries inside and instructions on how to grow them. Adorable.

It’s awful to admit, but I have actually never read Virginia Woolf, which feels like a failure of feminism.  But now I’ve bought A Room of One’s Own, which I am very much looking forward to getting under my belt, and a matching cup which will give me extra motivation to read, because I can’t possibly drink from it with any integrity before I’ve read the book! I also picked up Kew Gardens from the gift shop in Kew Gardens, and I’m so pleased because the books totally match each other, even though they’re published by different publishers!

I also got Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad, which won the Pulitzer Prize 2017 and is currently longlisted for the Man Booker 2017.  Then Zadie Smith’s Swing Time, which will be the first novel of her’s that I read, and which is also longlisted for the Man Booker 2017. Lastly I got Sarah Perry’s The Essex Serpent, which has a lot of nominations and which won the Waterstones Book of the Year award.

I’m really excited for all three, but they’ll be waiting a while because before I went to London I had actually just gotten an Amazon delivery and have like five books to get through before I get to these. I’m really excited about all of those as well though so basically I’m just super excited about all the reading I’m going to do, but also slightly overwhelmed. Story of my life.

Lastly, from Oliver Bonas, my dad got me this scented candle (Pink Pepper and Gingerwood to celebrate the arrival of autumn) and a Shit Happens Get Over It book which has a pretty self-explanatory title. I love it, and I think my favourite quote is the one in the picture below, also at the top of this post, which makes me feel hopeful about my life and my future. Hurrah!

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