“Be grateful for what you already have while you pursue your goals. If you aren’t grateful for what you already have, what makes you think you would be happy with more.” – Roy T. Bennet, The Light in the Heart

It seems like such an easy thing, practicing gratitude, just do a little ‘I’m-a-grateful-gal’ dance in your head and bim-bam-bosh, there you go, you’re grateful.

But for me, it’s proved to be a little more challenging than that. For some reason, it just doesn’t come naturally to me. This saddens me, as my greatest wish is to be a content and grateful person who looks at life and says ‘hells yeah, this is some good stuff!’ But in order to be that person, I need to put in the work. I need to actively think ‘I’m grateful for this cup of coffee’, and ‘I’m grateful for that good hair day.’

What I’ve been doing so far is writing blog posts about what I am grateful for in the month just gone, but whilst doing this I have felt like I needed to be imaginative, to come up with something that’s an interesting read, which can be difficult if your month went more along the lines of ‘I went to work and did some errands’ than ‘I went on a journey and accomplished my life goals.’

So my idea for practicing gratitude in a smaller way, for appreciating the little things a bit more, is to write a gratitude journal that is just for me, which doesn’t need to have a wow-factor but can simply say ‘I slept really well last night’ and ‘the view I saw on my way to work was just as excellent today as it was yesterday’. I want to be able to note how grateful I am for my morning cup of coffee (very) every day, without worrying about repeating myself.

So, today, I went out and bought a new little notebook, with a gorgeous, Italian design which I love, and I will fill it up with all the small and big things I am grateful for. Hopefully this will bring me more happiness and contentedness, and make me into a nicer person to be around for those around me.

My new gratitude journal and a cup of coffee I am very grateful for.
How pretty is the pattern on the notebook? It’s an Italian design!

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