‘They have said to you that man rules over woman as Jesus rules over the Church. But I say unto you that woman rules over man as Mary guided her infant son, with kindness and with love.’ – Naomi Alderman, The Power

Oh my gosh. I absolutely loved  this book. The Power by Naomi Alderman is a rushing, roaring, thrilling story of a world in which woman are more powerful than men, and what the political, societal and individual consequences of this are. It really is a page turner.

The book follows different teenage girls, and a few other characters, as they discover and develop their newfound power. We see events unfolding all over the world, as riots and protests and revolutions take place in women’s favour, and religious uprisings where God is female occur. But power can corrupt, and a world in which females are the stronger sex is not necessarily better.

The language felt very strong to me, the sentences are short and sharp, with no dilly-dallying or flowery decorations, but instead a direct and raw string of words which really hits you in the gut. Also, it is rather funny, with plenty of little quips spread out amongst the chapters.

I would absolutely recommend the book, I hear that readers who enjoyed The Handmaiden’s Tale will like it, so I have ordered a copy of that for one of my next reads. Apart from that, this book is for anyone who appreciates a show of strong women, and an exploration of what the outcome of that might be. The Power also won the 2017 Bailey’s Women’s Fiction Prize, so there’s that casual recommendation for it as well.

The Power by Naomi Alderman.
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