Oh what a lovely time I had the other day! My friend Maja and I went to a place called Husantunet, which is a historic farm dating back to the 17th century, and we had a picnic in the picturesque and charming garden there. I had the most wonderful time (although I felt a little sorry for Maja who was struggling with hayfever), and it was such a special place to spend an afternoon. We were very lucky and managed to get hold of the keys to the small houses (hello librarian contacts!) and it was amazing to see the interiors which were still in the good, old 17th century style. Pictures from the inside are at the bottom of the post!

Our lovely picnic, complete with chocolate and cider!
How cute are the flowery plates and cups and napkins I bought?
Our lovely view. How lush are these wild flowers with the river below?

As great as the setting was though, what I enjoyed the most was Maja’s delightful company. I’m so glad we met here in teeny, tiny Alvdal, even though she is leaving for Scotland in a few days, because the little time we did manage to slot in together has been really good. We just have so much in common, and had an instant connection which let us just talk and talk and talk when we started meeting up. We’ve been discussing our degree, English Literature, quite a lot, and what you can do with it career-wise, and it’s made me feel really good about what I can do in the future again. There’s so much to do within the business of books!

Our lovely view. How lush are these wild flowers with the river below?
And these guys totally completed the perfect picture of romantic countryside.

I’m loving the countryside these days, and finding it more and more charming and comforting as every day goes by.  It’s doing wonders for my mental health, being in such a calm and natural environment, and it’s making me feel pretty good about being Norwegian. It’s the first time in years that I’m living someplace new in my own country, and I think it’s good for my patriotism to be in such a romantic place, haha.

How adorable are the little trees on top of this little house??
And here are the interiors of the farm, authentic historical style.
And the inside of the farm from another angle. How gorgeous are the beams?

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