Well, hello there!

It’s July, and I can hardly believe how quickly the last month flew by! It’s been a wonderful few weeks. I’m still kind of settling into life in Alvdal, the small town I’ve moved to, and I’m really liking it here. I feel like things are progressing very quickly for me these days, and that feels pretty good, to be getting back into the swing of things after my year on sick leave. Anyway, here are the things I’m grateful for from this last month.

The great start to my new job

Hello, librarians! I’m pleased to join you. What a treat it is, to sit with books all day, chatting to other book lovers, seeing what’s being published (well, what was being published three months ago), engaging with kids who are participating in the summer reading programme – it’s all such a lift for the heart.  And oh my, the systems! How I love the systems. Nothing pleases me more than placing a book on exactly the right shelf, in exactly the right place. And I don’t mind the sweet, sweet database either. Also, I was so lucky, because in my second week it happened to be the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter, so we displayed the books and everything.

Re-decorating my room

Re-decorating my room this month was fab-u-lous. Gorgeous, white, minimalist walls, with a lovely cream patterned wallpaper on one of them, a teak and rose gold theme throughout in the decorations and furniture, and now the plants have started moving in. Perfect.

Love my new rose gold fairy lights!

Seeing new sights with my family

In the last week my family and I have gone to see a few viewpoints to have a look around our new local area, and it’s been quite stunning. We’ve been on a mountaintop which had a very special atmosphere. It’s not the highest mountain, but it might be the most historically interesting one as far as I’m concerned, because about a hundred years ago the Indian philosopher Swami Sri Ananda Acharya arrived there and settled down to found the University of Peace. The other place we went to was Jutulhogget canyon, which is, basically, a canyon. It’s the largest one in Northern Europe and it’s really immense and impressive.

My family in front of Jutulhogget canyon.

Making a new friend

I’m so happy because I’ve made a new friend in my new town! She’s a girl who was working as a teacher on one of the schools I’ll be a librarian at, and we had plenty to talk about straight away because we both studied English Literature in the UK. We’ve gone to the pub once and had a bottle (or two) of wine at hers another night, and she’s invited me along to a party next week. Hurrah! However, I’m also so sad, because she’s moving back to Scotland in a week or so, so I’ll be friendless again, haha.

Discovering the Ctrl, Alt; Delete Podcast

I’ve found my new favourite podcast (old favourites: Millennial & At Home With…), it’s called Ctrl, Alt; Delete and it is wonderful! It’s hosted by Emma Gannon and it features a whole bunch of inspiring women in a variety of industries, mostly within literature and the arts, and they talk to Emma about their stories and how they got to where they are. It’s such a lovely listen, it feels like catching up with a great friend and it’s so inclusive and informative and encouraging. It’s made me feel like I can do all sorts of things if I just put in the time and effort, and it’s given me the idea of starting a blog series called ‘Inspiring People’ where I can talk about the people who inspire me.

Re-discovering reading

It’s probably a result of being around books all the time again, and starting this blog in which I want to feature a lot of literary talk, but I’ve gotten back into reading after such a long time where I’d just lost interest. I’m re-reading Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy, and it is such a treat. I’ve also borrowed a few Norwegian books from the library, but I’ve not yet started on these. What I’m quite excited about though, is the big Amazon order I’m putting together of the big titles I missed over the last year, all the fresh publications and prize winners, and I think it’ll be an absolute pleasure to receive and read through a big old box of books that’ll put me back into the current reading climate.

How cute is this little information point in the middle of the forest?
The sunset through the trees.
Me at the edge of the canyon.

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