‘If you don’t love the sea, the sun, all the simple pleasures, what sort of life are you going to have?’ – Marty Rubin

Yesterday my brother and I went for a bike ride. It was a warm, sunny day, with a fresh breeze blowing by, and we rolled down through the green hills until we reached a cute, old bridge which crossed the streaming river below. And I felt happy. It was a small thing, going for a bike ride, but it filled me up with warmth and contentedness. It’s so important to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, even if they may seem commonplace or dull.

Slow living is becoming more and more important to me. It just feels right, to live life at this measured and relaxed pace, to watch the sun as it makes its way across the skies, to settle down with a good book without distractions, to sit on the terrace with my family and just be. Maybe it’s because I’m still recovering from the shock of my psychosis, even though it was a year ago now, but these moments of joy and stillness just mean so much to me, and make me feel so good.

What small things make you happy? Here are mine.

The birdsong outside my window.

Sleeping until I wake up naturally.

The first cup of coffee in the morning.

A good, long bath.

Green country lanes.

Sunday breakfast with my family.

My nephew’s laughter.

Reading a good book.

Listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks.

Watching Downton Abbey.

A girl on a bike on a bridge.

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